Fire Department

The department maintains a full-time professional, sworn staff of 40 firefighters and paramedics who specialize in the latest fire science and rescue techniques. Staff also includes one civilian Fire Prevention Bureau coordinator and two additional support employees. All firefighter/paramedics are certified in both firefighting and emergency medical services.

Two fire stations are fully staffed 24 hours a day. Fire Station #4 is located at 6250 Lincoln and Fire Station #5 is located at 8954 Shermer Rd. Both stations maintain fire suppression equipment as well as an advanced life support ambulance. Average response time within the village for emergency service requests is less than four minutes.

The department’s Fire Prevention Bureau also provides various public education programs and resources. Basic student safety education is coordinated through the school districts while residential home fire safety inspections and senior citizen safety programs are offered on an as-needed basis. Commercial and business properties are also subject to fire safety inspections at least once a year.

The department can be reached at (847) 470-5226. Residents and businesses should dial 911 in an emergency.