Public Works Department

The department maintains a staff of 36 full-time employees who serve as the backbone of all village maintenance services. Three divisions make up the department:

The Street Division is responsible for preserving the right-of-ways throughout the village and maintaining and repairing village thoroughfares and state and county streets within the village, monitoring the village’s 50/50 tree planting program, 50/50 sidewalk replacement program, conducting snow plowing, street sweeping, and leaf collection.

The Water/Sewer Division ensures the quality of the village’s water supply; making sure the quantity of water is there to suppress fires in an emergency situation; monitoring the village’s water supply and distribution at its two pumping stations and two elevated water tanks; and testing the water in order to follow the environmental protection agency’s guidelines so potable water is at its highest standards. This division is also responsible for maintaining the sanitary, storm and combination sewers and their appurtenances in the village; maintaining and repairing all village catch basins along with storm, sanitary or combination manholes; and repairing all blockages and damage to any portion of the sewer system.

The Engineering Division designs, inspects and administers construction projects within the village, including the street resurfacing and patching programs, micro-surfacing and street lighting programs, sewer video inspection and sewer lining programs and the street striping program. This group also maintains the village’s computer based geographic information system.