Chairman’s Welcome

Dear Nebraska Chamber Member:

Thank you for being part of Nebraska’s largest statewide business organization at an important time in our state’s history.

Two decades into the new century, this much is clear: an evolving economy has brought great opportunities to Nebraska, as well as some real challenges. Fortunately, the State Chamber has provided trusted leadership for our business community for more than a hundred years, and will continue to advocate for solutions to keep Nebraska competitive.

I am excited and honored to be leading the Nebraska Chamber at this time of change – including change within our professional staff. After nearly 20 years, the Chamber has a new president, Bryan Slone, who brings more than three decades of policy and business experience. As a tax attorney, CPA and native Nebraskan, Bryan has advised business clients on legal matters related to taxation, administrative law, international law, mergers and acquisitions and government affairs. During the 1980s, while working in Washington, D.C., Bryan was legal advisor to the IRS commissioner and served as a House Ways and Means Committee staff member under former U.S. Rep. Hal Daub, helping shape the 1986 overhaul of the federal tax law.

Bryan is now using that experience to help the Nebraska Chamber prepare for new opportunities.  One example is the State Chamber’s early involvement with Blueprint Nebraska – the new economic development initiative that seeks to establish a comprehensive, pro-growth plan to stimulate our economy and improve Nebraska’s competitiveness, while building on current strengths.

As CEO of Great Plains Communications, I have seen firsthand how effective the Nebraska Chamber is in its advocacy and messaging. While businesses will perpetually face challenges, the Chamber aims to lessen your burdens by promoting a more competitive business climate and working to establish more opportunities for all Nebraskans.

With a membership roster that includes businesses of all sizes and types – and members in more than 150 communities statewide – the Nebraska Chamber prides itself on being the voice of business before the legislature and executive branch.  In this era of term limits, the Chamber makes certain that the business perspective is always considered by policymakers.  Moreover, your Nebraska Chamber is backed by a veteran staff with years of experience who appreciate being part of this respected organization.

As a Nebraska Chamber member, you should be proud to be part of an association that has such a powerful voice. A long list of recent pro-business accomplishments and our state’s improved business environment are a testament to the Chamber’s influence and advocacy efforts; but we are not relying on past success.  Whether through public policy, political engagement, membership development, communications or member services, the Chamber is constantly seeking ways to better serve our members.

Again, thank you for your membership and participation. The State Chamber is counting on your continued involvement to ensure the future success of Nebraska’s business community.

Todd Foje
Great Plains Communications, Blair
2019 State Chamber Chairman