Senior Living

The elderly population is becoming a larger and more influential segment of our society. They are playing more active roles politically, socially and economically. Over 40 percent of Napa County is 55 years or older. This group accounts for: 41 percent of all consumer demand, 80 percent of all luxury travel, 58 percent of healthcare spending, 37 percent of all fitness club memberships and 43 percent of all new car purchases.

Senior-specific activities and events happen throughout the year. Department of Parks & Recreation, Napa Valley College, Napa Valley Adult Education, Queen of the Valley Medical Center and St. Helena Hospital host a variety of opportunities specifically for seniors.

Napa’s very active, modern and spacious Napa Senior Center hosts over 60 different clubs and varied activities in one location. Senior-only housing is available in city-owned, rent-subsidized apartments, apartment complexes, mobile home parks and the various levels of retirement complexes. Many of our local seniors were drawn to the valley because of its beauty, peaceful surroundings and overall quality of life. For those non-residents approaching, or already in, their “golden years,” we ask that you come and take a look. We think you will like what you see.