Future Forward

Over the past 104 years, the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce (NACC) has worked tirelessly in its efforts to support local area businesses through various strategies and resources to positively impact the entire community. When business succeeds, our community succeeds.

Many long-standing businesses got their start with the Chamber of Commerce and continue to support the organization today. “We have Members that have been around for more than 50 years and still stay committed to the mission of the NACC,” said Nicki Anderson, president and CEO of the NACC.

“Given our collective expectations for excellence, the NACC has had to be more than just a networking chamber,” Anderson added. “We are a thinking, problem-solving organization with a mission to improve and strengthen local commerce and community.”

According to Anderson, the NACC creates $60.8 million in revenue for our local economy, both directly and indirectly. Most of that activity is Chamber Members sharing approximately 1.4 leads each month, which strengthens ties and bolsters bottom lines. Further, 94 percent of all Members say they are likely or very likely to spend personal money at a Chamber Member’s business over a non-member.

As the NACC strives to move the organization forward in preparation for the next generation of business leaders, things need to change. “If we don’t start taking steps now to improve our technology, methods of communicating with Members and enhancing our client management system, Naperville will not be as strong,” Anderson said.

To achieve these steps, the NACC is undertaking the Future Forward campaign to make sure they are ready to meet the needs of the businesses and their citizens to ensure they have the infrastructure and technology needed to advocate, educate and communicate effectively in the future. This is a two-year campaign that gives NACC Members and the community time to contribute and be a part of something very special, the future of business.

“I’m very excited about our chamber community coming together to contribute to a stronger, more relevant, innovative chamber. At the end of the day, if the Chamber is successful, the Naperville area community is successful,” Anderson said. “The NACC serves to circulate and increase prosperity in Naperville resulting in new jobs, higher incomes, stronger schools and parks, police and fire departments and safe, thriving neighborhoods.” The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is proud of its work over the last 100 years, and looks forward to serving the next generation of leaders and the community.