Mayor’s Welcome

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When business wins, community wins.

It’s a simple concept; however, sometimes it’s the simplest concepts that yield the biggest results. As we move forward into 2019, I want to welcome you all to Naperville, a community that understands that the secret to a winning formula requires innovation, a healthy appreciation for change and a respect for the time-honored values that make businesses and residents want to be – and stay – a part of this city.

Naperville’s business community embodies the concept of adaptability. In an ever-changing world, Naperville’s secret to success has come from its ability to adapt to customers’ needs while staying true to rock-solid principles like integrity and trustworthiness. Our diversified business base supports a 147,000-strong population, and that population embraces the concept of shopping, dining and supporting the local businesses that in turn support our world-class community.

On a municipal level, the city works with its economic development partners to meet the changing needs of today’s businesses and their employees. The idea for the Naperville Jaycees Park, located on the north lawn of the Municipal Center, came from local entrepreneurs and the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. This new outdoor work area with Wi-Fi will appeal to the millennial workforce and provide a new environment for business collaboration in our community. In fact, so important is business to Naperville that our city council has made economic development one of our city’s goals.

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce’s proactive approach to championing the needs of our businesses has strengthened our community and allowed our businesses to thrive. Indeed, when business wins, community wins.

In the coming year, I encourage residents and visitors to support the businesses that support our Chamber, and I encourage those with a business to take advantage of all the resources the Chamber can provide them.

With best wishes for 2019,
Mayor Steve Chirico