What Members are Saying

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“The NACC has played a vital role in the business relationships that have moved our team forward.  Membership in the NACC has allowed us to easily discover ways to give back in the community — to both educational organizations, as well as nonprofit programs. My involvement as an Ambassador, TEAM B2B chair-elect and now board member has also, of course, allowed us to develop new business in the Naperville area. 

To any new member joining the NACC, you will get out of it what you put in. Use the NACC resources as much as possible to help navigate the many groups, events and opportunities to get engaged. Commit to a year of continuous engagement with us and watch what happens!”

Ryan McIntyre
Plaidypus, Inc.
Custom crafted software & mobile apps

“Personally, I’ve built a wonderful network of professionals in Naperville whom I can call upon for advice or referrals. Professionally, I know that we’re making our school’s name and reputation known to the greater community.   

I’ve focused on Women In Business Committee. I was attracted to this group because it is certainly my target market for clients, but also because that was where I felt comfortable. However, through my work on the advisory board with other businesswomen and the Chamber staff, I have cultivated so many wonderful relationships I didn’t expect. 

Being a Chamber member, and networking, in general, is a long-term commitment. You can make fast connections and meet tons of potential clients, but it takes time to foster those relationships into something more meaningful. I love that the Chamber encourages those type of relationships among its members. It creates a community of hard-working, friendly people.”

Rebecca Malotke-Meslin
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid
The Avery Coonley School

“The Chamber has put me in front of hundreds of fellow local people with the same mind-set of expanding their business and networking. An employee and I have both been involved with regular Chamber events, as well as the Ambassador Committee and TEAMs. We literally try to attend every event that our schedules allow so we are ‘in our community’ as much as possible.

SHOW UP! For anything and everything. There are many opportunities to promote your business, as well, but we’ve seen the best results by just being there. Face-to-face networking still wins out over dollars spent.”

Mark Mazurek
Branch Manager
Gateway Mortgage Group