What Members are Saying

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One of the most important ways to develop a small or growing business is by networking with other local businesses, often resulting in referrals. Being part of the Chamber has opened a huge door for Klein Hall CPAs to network and make connections that have often turned into clients, and even close friends. Every small business needs an accountant and/or business advisor, so having the chance to meet other business owners through the Chamber has given our firm a great opportunity for exposure.

Our firm has also been able to learn more about the businesses and industries that we work with through participating with the Chamber. The more we connect with and meet business owners in the industries we serve, the better we are able to understand and help them where they need it most.

Along with networking opportunities that often lead to referrals, all businesses can benefit from the Chamber particularly by participating in its seminars and presentations. In this way, our team has learned valuable tools to grow our business and the professional development of our staff. Not only are the Chamber seminars always informative and insightful, but they offer a fun and engaging opportunity for likeminded individuals to come together and socialize. Participating in the Chamber also provides unparalleled leadership opportunities and community exposure in the Naperville community.

Christina Klein, CPA
Klein Hall CPAs

Primacy Business Center has been a member of the Chamber since the end of 2014. Since then, the Chamber has been one of the main influencers in the growth of our company. I feel that the Chamber is always here to help me with ways to promote and grow our business. Between the networking events that Chamber oversees, opportunities to host them, the educational lunch and learns and “leads” teams, there are countless opportunities for continued education, building new relationships with potential clients and business partners, exchanging ideas, as well as sharing leads amongst members.

The Naperville Chamber has created a community worth belonging to. Being a part of it has allowed me to build many new business relationships. I highly recommend any business owner in the Naperville area to join the Naperville Chamber of Commerce!

Paulina Mach
General Manager
Primacy Business Center

Being part of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce has truly opened doors to companies that have not partnered with us in the past. Making personal as well as business connections with my fellow members has helped me to develop long-lasting relationships that I cherish.

I have seen an increase in our members, just from inviting people out with their families to Sam’s Club. As a result of that we find solutions for their business needs, as well.

Any local business that is looking to grow, change and be successful as an integral part of the community should join the NACC. This Chamber has proved to be all inclusive, informative, motivating, diverse and the list goes on.

The Chamber staff remembers you and what is important to you. They look to make your business stand out, no matter how big or small.

I always encourage potential members to not only get in there, but come back again and again as we all look to help each other grow.

Romunda Wells
Membership Team Lead
Sam’s Club