Hospitals and Health Care

Residents of the Lehigh Valley have numerous health care options nearby to attend to their needs. Hospitals, clinics and emergency treatment centers with health care professionals are available to meet the general and specific medical/dental needs of all residents.

The Department of Human Services provides social services to meet the needs of all Northampton County citizens. A variety of divisions within the department meet the needs of county residents from infancy to old age. Throughout the area there are facilities that offer rehabilitative and individual care services. Information for these services is available via the hospitals, the Chamber, United Way and various nonprofit organizations.

Emergency services (ambulance, fire and police) are available in all Lehigh Valley communities. A wide variety of pharmacies and medical equipment companies service communities to accommodate the needs of residents.

The Wellness Committee of the Nazareth-Bath Regional Chamber of Commerce is a combination of businesses and nonprofits that provide medical and natural disciplines to promote wellness. Its mission is to educate the community and area businesses on the availability of the many health support and general wellness and recovery methods in the area.

Products and services range from fitness, weight loss, skincare, chiropractic, dentistry, assisted living, home care, music therapy and physical therapy. Committee providers focus on keeping residents as healthy and independent as possible. They promote aging in place, cancer awareness and a variety of modalities to maintain one’s health and vitality, and they can also offer suggestions for health insurance that will cover these services.

Founded in fall 2007, the committee is very active in the community, providing and participating in health fairs at area businesses and community events. The committee also offers a free speakers’ bureau to any business or group that would like information on a wide variety of health and wellness topics.

For more information about the committee, call the Nazareth-Bath Regional Chamber office at (610) 759-9188.