Places to Do Business

Places to Do Business in Seattle

The areas that make up the Seattle Southside are an intricate part of the region’s success. With strong partnerships between local entities like the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Council of Seattle & King County (EDC), there’s no doubt the future holds a bright business forecast for this region.

Burien is burgeoning with jobs in retail, health services, and education. Per capita, Burien is home to a particularly large amount of health care providers, including hospitals, health centers, clinics, private practices, and other wellness specialists.

One of the most appealing qualities that the EDC and Chamber emphasize about Burien is its ideal location. It is within 15 minutes of downtown Seattle, five minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, 10 minutes from Boeing, and mere seconds from endless entertainment options.

Des Moines
As a commercial hot spot with an infrastructure-ready development site in place, Des Moines is garnering much attention for its business-friendly climate. With companies in a variety of sectors, Des Moines has businesses that specialize in everything from boat repair to software development.

Its waterfront location helps make for an entertaining, outdoor recreational play zone as well.

Normandy Park
Here every day is a walk in the park, Normandy Park that is. This peaceful, quiet community creates a family friendly environment for those seeking to reside in a scenic area with convenient downtown access.

First Avenue South serves as the commercial center of the city with office and retail space. This arterial also boasts potential sites for mixed-use redevelopments. The city makes keeping the area quiet and pedestrian-friendly a priority for people settling down and raising a family.

For anyone interested in an innovative, transportation-centric community, SeaTac is the place to live and work. Currently, the city is promoting mixed-use development opportunities around light rail hubs. With two transit stations already in place, SeaTac is working on establishing its third, which will begin operations
this year.

Home to around 950 businesses—70 of those Fortune 1000 companies—SeaTac is a major player in the business sector. Add in that SeaTac doesn’t have a local business or occupation tax, city utility tax or per-employee tax, and the city pretty much sells itself.

With more than 2,200 businesses specializing in myriad sectors like retail, aerospace, health care, manufacturing, and more, Tukwila is ripe for economic prosperity. With more than 42,000 employees, this portion of the Puget Sound is bustling.

Key modes of transportation such as public transit, light/commuter rail, and the nearby Seattle-Tacoma International Airport help connect individuals with services and resources. With such alluring components, development is taking shape here too. Among the many projects is a new walkable neighborhood in the Southcenter District. – By Mallorie Ann Ingram