Chamber Connection

Nothing tells the story of a place and identity better than a name, a truth the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce knows well and is maximizing to its advantage.

The organization recently changed its name from Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce to Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce so that visitors can tell much more about who the Chamber is and where they’re located. Additionally, the Chamber’s value and marketing opportunities greatly expanded for its members and the community simply by rebranding its name.

The name power is magnified more by the fact that the Chamber shares its moniker with Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority—the organization charged with competitively marketing the region as a tourism destination. For Chamber members, this common branding brings a wealth of potential business growth and exposure to tourists who frequent this portion of the Pacific Northwest.

While the name has changed, the same exceptional services, resources, and programs members have come to expect from the Chamber are still in place.

The Chamber takes on many issues in favor of its members and the Pacific Northwest region at the local, state, and federal levels. Having representation in the halls of government is a very big deal to the Chamber. That’s how they provide a unified voice of business for its members and the community.

Advocacy is just one important benefit of membership. A plethora of services provides many avenues to grow a business, get involved as an ambassador, or participate in leadership positions on Chamber committees.

Everything the Chamber does is about increasing visibility and opportunities for the Seattle Southside business community, through networking, advocacy, promotion, and communication efforts. Since times are changing at rapid speeds, the Chamber will continue to grow and involve small and large retailers, nonprofits, and government agencies, while expanding its value and collaborative efforts to the issues that matter most to the community and its members. – By Cathy Cuthbertson