Points of Interest

First settled: Mid-1830s (land from Pottawatomi Indians) Village founded: July 4, 1873, name
changed to Park Ridge Incorporated: April 19, 1910 Former names: Pennyville; Brickton (1855)

Clara Barck Welles, founder of the Kalo Arts & Crafts Community, the birthplace of Kalo Silver
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 67th Secretary of State and former First Lady (former address: 235 Wisner, 5th Ward)
Frederick Goudy, invented 120 typefaces
Grant Wood, student at the Kalo Workshop, artist (American Gothic)
Eugene Kupjack, miniaturist; works displayed at the Chicago Art Institute
Alfonso Iannelli, sculptor (designed elements of the Pickwick Theater)
Actors: Harrison Ford, John Pankow
Actresses: Karen Black, Carrie Snodgrass
Musicians: Steve Goodman, folk singer and songwriter; Jim Pankow, founding
member of rock band, Chicago
Olympians: Tom Hoff, 2008 Olympic gold medalist, men’s volleyball; Nancy Swider-
Peltz, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988 Olympic speed skater; David Santee, Olympic skater

Clute Studio, 720 Garden, Former home and studio of artists Beulah and Walter
Marshall Clute, members of the Park Ridge Artist’s Colony.
Hannah Greenebaum Solomon Cottage at the Park, 773 N. Prospect
Iannelli Studios Heritage Center, 255 N. Northwest Hwy.
Pickwick Theater, Art Deco masterpiece, 5 S. Prospect Ave. in Uptown

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