Manufacturing and Industry

As a regional trade center, Rapid City provides comprehensive medical care, air service, retail/wholesale shopping, higher education, and sports and entertainment services to residents of the adjacent states of North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Rapid City’s active industry and manufacturing sectors are primarily focused on attracting quality, primary jobs that bring new wealth into the community. The Rapid City economy, by nature and geographic location, is traditionally characterized as more of a service industry base, which includes light manufacturing, material/resource processing and retail.

Rapid City offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Through funding, grants, partnerships and incubator resources, we are prepared and eager to help those with big ideas realize their vision.

The community also enjoys a thriving tourism industry and hosts more than three million people annually who experience the six national parks and monuments located nearby. Visitors generate a sustained level of commercial, retail, dining and lodging business activity that demands a high level of quality service provided by the state’s largest service sector.

Although manufacturing only comprises approximately nine percent of South Dakota’s Gross Domestic Product, sector growth appears to be concentrated in machinery, fabricated metal products, furniture and related products, and transportation equipment. As home to over 110 manufacturing companies representing a workforce of over 3,500, Rapid City’s manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Construction industries (forestry, concrete, steel and gravel products.)
  • Materials (handling, welding, machining, tooling and finishing of steel, gold, silver, and other composites.)
  • Electronics (circuit boards, sensors, phase converters, and controllers.)
  • Firearms (ammunition, barrels, stocks, custom shops, commercial printing/publishing and direct mail.)