Recreation in Greensboro

Parks and Recreation in Greensboro NC

Our name says it all. Greensboro has a lot of green space. With more than 100 parks around the county, you’re never far from a place to stretch your legs.

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park History buffs don’t want to miss this stop in northwest Greensboro. The site of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in 1781 is now a federally protected park. Check out the visitor’s center for a quick history lesson, explore the natural beauty of the land and forest around it and don’t miss the anniversary observance and reenactment held each spring.

Bryan Park If you like to swing a golf club or a tennis racquet, you’ll like Bryan Park. With 36 holes of championship golf, tennis and volleyball courts and even a horseshoe pit, there is always activity at the park.

Gateway Gardens Greensboro Beautiful volunteers work with the city to maintain five public gardens. Eventually spanning 11 acres, Gateway Gardens provides a stunning entryway into the City of Greensboro, a playful and interactive garden, and a horticultural oasis integrating elements of history, movement, discovery, and community.

The Ice House
Located in West Greensboro, the Ice House is a 30,000-square-foot training and recreational property designed to accommodate the most popular ice sports and activities. The facility features an NHL-sized ice rink, rental skates, snack bar, pro shop, two birthday party and multipurpose rooms, five locker rooms with shower and restrooms, two coaches/referees rooms, and a second-floor mezzanine viewing area. The Ice House proudly offers an array of on- and off-ice activities for nearly anyone in the Triad area.
Full Service Skating Programs The Ice House offers a program for skaters and hockey players at all levels from general public skating to beginner and intermediate learn to skate classes as well as classes and private instruction for the advance skaters together with programs for beginner and elite youth hockey players plus all levels of adult recreational skating and hockey.
The business also offers packages for birthday parties, reduced rates for group outings, and summer camps where kids at all levels of skating can enjoy ice sports in a safe environment that also teaches group interaction while providing full- and half-day child care.
Adult Hockey Arrives Adult hockey is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors of recreational hockey in the United States. The Ice House has seen the adult hockey program grow from 11 teams in 2003 to 33 teams in 2013. This growth has allowed the rink to offer a variety of leagues for adult players at many levels. The Greensboro Adult Hockey League, or GAHL, is divided into six leagues, and operates three seasons each year beginning in January, May and September. The camaraderie cultivated within each team and league is what keeps the leagues growing along with the quest each season for the Manley Cup, the GAHL’s version of the NHL’s Stanley Cup .
Youth Hockey Up Close Most children and their parents look for a sport or activity in which to participate while growing up and it’s very easy for children to fall in love with the sport of hockey. The sight of a small child moving around on skates is one of more entertaining and rewarding sights for a parent to see. Hockey is a game in which young people learn team and individual skills, life lessons, and develop lasting friendships. Like most any sport, children and their parents decide whether to play recreational hockey or to pursue a more competitive style of travel hockey.
Figure Skating Refuses to Take a Back Seat In 2011, Greensboro hosted the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. This is the largest and most prestigious national competition. This competition helps set the team that participates in the winter Olympics every four years. The Ice House provided ice for the competitors to use for practice leading up to their events.
Figure skating continues to play an increasingly important role in the ice rink business and is one of the “big 3” along with hockey and public skating in terms of popularity at an ice rink. Learn to skate programs are what people typically participate in after they have gained an interest in skating through visiting a public skating session, a friend’s birthday party, or maybe even seen skating on television. From learn to skate, participants can move into the hockey track or continue along in learning the various skills necessary to become a recreation or competition figure skater. Skating programs continue to grow and adapt to the skaters. One of our most popular programs is the AdvantEdge course which introduces developing skaters to several of the advanced disciplines within competitive skating within a group outing. The group environment adds a different twist from the sometimes intense private one on one instruction which is necessary for any skater who wishes to participate in competitive figure skating.
Try Public Skating Public skating is the most common introduction all that an ice rink offers. It is where mom and dad bring the kids for some family time, boyfriend takes girlfriend on their first date, school friends get together for a Friday or Saturday night out, or the local boy/girl scout or youth group plan a group outing. The Ice House invites you to come and enjoy one of its daily public ice skating sessions. We hope to see you soon at your neighborhood ice rink!