Welcome to Greensboro

Moms and dads swing their children on a playground; college students dance under flashing lights of downtown clubs; tigers nuzzle under the trees of the Science Center; ACC fans hug in celebration watching a game at the Coliseum; grandparents stroll hand in hand along the Greenway. There’s a lot to love about Greensboro.

A group of passionate Greensboro residents created Love Greensboro to unite people around all the wonderful aspects of the city. It’s about appreciating what’s here. The group wants to teach people to love where they’re from, to know what resources are available and promote area activities. It’s about the importance of celebrating pride of place, and building a strong, lasting sense of community.

The second part of the vision is to market Greensboro. The goal is to promote Greensboro to the people who live here. Then as Greensboro grows, reach out on a regional and national level to advertise what the city has to offer, from the small independent businesses to the large corporations that call Greensboro “home.”

The group invites everyone to get involved. You can find them by searching Love Greensboro on Facebook, or visiting the website at www.lovegreensboro.com.