Shopping in Graham

Shopping in Graham, Texas
America’s Largest Downtown Square” is the heart of Graham’s community. Through major revitalization efforts, downtown Graham has been restored to reflect its heyday. Lovingly restored historic buildings, street lamps, colorful banners and rows of flower-stocked planters contribute to the hometown atmosphere. In addition to the historic sites and cultural offerings of downtown Graham, there is a vast range of stores to explore. Distinctive shops and boutiques offer a selection of clothing, gifts, antiques and home and personal accessories. Bargain and treasure hunters have a variety of antique stores to discover as well.

Our Neck of the Woods, located at 608 4th Street, is an antique store and gift shop located in the original Young County Jail. This historic building was built in 1878 with locally quarried stone. Five Marlowe brothers were once housed in this jail and the events that followed their incarceration provided the story for the movie, “The Sons of Katie Elder.” The jail was designated as a Texas historical site and the exterior looks much like it did in 1878.

Other shopping opportunities include the developing Old Town around the Fourth Street area where the old Coca Cola bottling plant, now AMC Marketplace, stands as the centerpiece. Christine’s Uniques is a new feature in Old Town and features antiques and collectibles.