The Wickenburg Way

Visit Wickenburg, Arizona

The people of Wickenburg choose this community not just as a place to live but also as a way of life.

A smiling welcome is in every greeting. Friendliness and the warm spirit of good neighborliness are as evident in Wickenburg as is the inexhaustible supply of sunshine that bathes the region. A visitor meets it at every turn, whether his mission leads him to business contacts with townspeople or to the ranches, where the most hospitable hosts in the world bid welcome.

Western hospitality is no catchpenny phrase here. As befits this truly welcoming town, hospitality and friendliness are a charming part of the town’s personality, as genuine and as real as the surrounding hills.

Wickenburg is a town where visitors are warmly welcomed whether the stay is an hour, month or season. It doesn’t matter where a person is from or who they are – the important thing is that they’re here.


Wickenburg, Arizona, owes its perfect setting to a generous and bountiful Mother Nature. The town, with all the charming features of a typical Western community, nestles in the rich verdure of the Hassayampa River Valley. Surrounded by rugged mountain ranges that break the force of the winds and nourished by an unlimited supply of pure mountain water, this valley offers unique advantages.

During the winter season, the abundant sunshine, aided by gentle warm winds, makes the days delightfully temperate. The nights are crisp and so clear that the stars, moon and planets stand out against a blue-black sky. During the summer, mountain breezes from the north generously reduce the daytime temperatures and make the nights cool. The 2,100-foot altitude and clean, dry air are beneficial to those with health problems.