Things to Do in Alhambra


There are few urban destinations as dynamic, picturesque, and rich in history as Downtown Alhambra. Stroll along Main Street and its side streets and find surprises around every corner.

Downtown Alhambra offers retail stores, restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues and service businesses.

Downtown’s restaurant row features the best variety of cuisines and offers fast-food and fine dining. Choose from Chinese, barbecue, South American, Italian, Mexican, Japanese Fusion, Japanese, Korean, Indian, British/Indian, Thai, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, small plates, and, of course, good old-fashioned American-style food. Also, hand-crafted beer is a specialty of Downtown Alhambra.

If you want a scrumptious snack, try downtown’s ice cream, yogurt, and milky buns, among others.

Service and professional businesses include medical, dental, optometry, accountants, salons, barber shops, camera and scrapbooking store, dance centers and printers.

Newly opened Alhambra Place, in the center of downtown, offers restaurants, quick-serve restaurants, stationery, a clothing boutique, Burlington, and Sprouts. This retail center is adjacent to 260 new luxury apartment units.