About Us

As the voice for business and economic development in our neighborhood, Uptown United and Business Partners, The Chamber for Uptown are pleased to provide you with this community guide and business directory. We work closely with Uptown’s businesses, nonprofit organizations, and residents to enhance our vibrant community. We serve the entire Uptown community area from Irving Park Road on the south to Foster Avenue on the north, Lake Michigan on the east and Ravenswood Avenue on the west.

The histories of Uptown and Business Partners, The Chamber for Uptown are inextricably linked. After all, it was one of the Chamber’s founding members who coined “Uptown” as the name for our neighborhood. Since its incorporation in 1923, the Chamber has been serving and promoting Uptown’s rich business districts and connecting local business owners with area residents and visitors. To join Business Partners, visit exploreuptown.org/join.

Our organizations share a mission to build a strong, unified business environment; facilitate economic development; and strengthen community—all to nurture a diverse, vibrant, thriving, and strong Uptown. Business Partners, The Chamber for Uptown is one of Chicago’s oldest chambers of commerce. While the Chamber is a membership organization with a focus on business development and promotion, the organization Uptown United assists local businesses, investors, and community organizations in addressing broad issues pertaining to quality of life for Uptown’s diverse population. Together we provide a strong support system for Uptown’s businesses and create a sense of place for those who call Uptown home.

If you have additional questions, be sure to visit our website at exploreuptown.org, call us at 773.878.1184, or send us a note at info@exploreuptown.org


This guide would not have been possible without the help of those who shared their time and knowledge of Uptown’s rich history: Gary Keller, Andy Pierce, Dave Syfczak, Vitaliy Vladimirov, and Al Walavich. We would also like to thank photographers Mike Rivera (mikeriveraphoto.com), Timmy Samuel (starbellystudios.com), Dave Suarez (davesuarez.com), and Zach Mortice (zachmortice.com).