Business Development

Chamber Mission

The Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce is a business development organization and we serve the cities of Hampton, Newport News and Poquoson; and the counties of James City and York. The Chamber is a nonprofit, non-partisan and non-sectarian organization with a mission to “connect businesses with opportunity.” Its mission is accomplished through facilitation, advocacy, communication and education, which is built on a foundation of integrity, relevance, involvement and sustainability.

Facilitation – Creates opportunities for businesses and individuals to come together in unique ways. The Peninsula has a diverse business community, and at the Chamber we take pride in facilitating connections and creating new opportunities for the Peninsula business community.

Advocacy – The Chamber is a champion of the free enterprise economic system, and we advocate for the business point of view. Through its board of directors, programs, committees and task forces, the Virginia Peninsula Chamber represents the collective voice of Peninsula businesses. All our efforts are designed to advocate and support the economic and business interests of the Virginia Peninsula and the surrounding region.

Communication – Keeping its members and the Peninsula informed are integral toward increasing involvement. Diversifying our communication outlets, and incorporating modern tools to communicate, allows us to reach diverse audiences keeping them informed and involved.

Education – Small businesses employ half of the country’s workforce, create two of every three new jobs and generate a majority of American innovations. The Chamber’s role is to increase the number of successful small businesses. The Chamber collaborates with many organizations to provide professional and onsite counseling services. The Chamber continuously provides affordable and relevant educational opportunities for the Peninsula business community.

Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Citizen Award Recipients

Franklin O. Blechman: 1981
Lewis A. McMurran, Jr.: 1982
Caleb West: 1983
Herbert Kelly: 1984
Jean B. and E.E. Falk: 1985
Newport News Shipbuilding: 1986
Thomas P. Chisman: 1987
Richard M. Bagley, Sr.: 1988
The Honorable Thomas Downing: 1989
Ann Kilgore: 1990
David Peebles: 1991
Edwin Joseph: 1992
Willits and Marian H. Bowditch: 1993
Walter S. Segaloff: 1994
The Honorable Herbert H. Bateman: 1995
Dr. McKinley Lenard Price: 1996
The Mayors & Chairs of the Greater Virginia Peninsula: 1997
Thomas N. and Ann N. Hunnicutt: 1998
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.: 1999
Conway H. Sheild, III: 2000
Gordon L. Gentry, Jr.: 2001
Alan A. Diamonstein: 2002
Dois I. Rosser, Jr.: 2003
Hunter B. Andrews: 2004
Dr. William R. Harvey: 2005
William M. Grace: 2006
The Honorable Congresswoman Joann S. Davis (1950-2007) & Congressman Robert (Bobby) C. Scott: 2007
Paul S. Trible, Jr.: 2008
The Honorable Joe S. Frank: 2009
John Lawson: 2010
Jean M. Yokum: 2011
Jack L. Ezzell, Jr.: 2012
Robert F. Shuford, Sr.: 2013
Kenneth M. Krakaur: 2014
Honorable Molly Joseph Ward: 2015
The Honorable Senator John C. Miller (1947-2016): 2016
Mike and Nancy Petters: 2017
Judy Ford Wason: 2018