Welcome to Bay City

Welcome to Bay City. Texas
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What does the Bay City Area Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture do? Good question … the short answer is we are a catalyst for positive growth in our county.

Our job is to see the vision, plan for the future and effectively communicate to the public.

It’s easy – together we grow Bay City!

The more investment dollars we have, the more we can do for Bay City. Our track record proves we are worth your investment. Members, please tell our story to your friends and neighbors.

We are proud to work closely with our neighboring chambers. We communicate often with the Matagorda Area Chamber, Palacios Chamber and the Sargent Area Chamber.

We are able to partner for the benefit of the entire county. We are able to help sell events and festivals.

It is important that we keep current on what is happening in every corner of our county. We enjoy working together to promote the treasures in Matagorda County.

We value your support and membership in our Chamber. We know you have a choice. Every day we want to earn your respect. We want to grow this community. Communication is the key; we need to hear from you.

Mitch Thames, President and CEO
Bay City Area Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture

To Bay City

On behalf of the Bay City community, we would like to extend a warm welcome. All of the leaders in Bay City are here because we want to make a difference in people’s lives. This year has seen several important milestones in our growth, with some significant projects being completed, new ones undertaken and a variety of changes within Bay City itself. As mayor of Bay City, I will help fulfill the need for fresh thinking, full participation from all parts of the community and new partnerships.

I believe you will find that the programs and activities of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture and City of Bay City are innovative and a reflection of the shared interests and needs of members and residents. There are a multitude of opportunities for becoming involved in the Bay City Chamber of Commerce as a volunteer or leader, and we hope that you will encourage your employees to take an active interest in the Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture and its various committees.

Mark Bricker, Mayor
City of Bay City

To Matagorda County

Let me be the first to welcome you to Matagorda County, and please know that we are happy to have you visit. We are a friendly and genuine people, so I know that I speak for all of our citizens in thanking you for taking in the treasures of our county. Along with our natural features, such as the beaches, fishing and birding, we continue to add partners for your enjoyment and opportunities for our citizens. In this year so far, we have added new restaurants, entertainment venues, medical services and a leading international manufacturer to our offerings, and there are many more in the pipeline headed to Matagorda County.

We know that you may have questions as you travel in Matagorda County. To that end, you can be sure that our friendly, service oriented staff at the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture will be ready to assist.

So, if you need printed information or merely a question answered, please visit our Chamber team, located in the Bay City Civic Center.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay, and we look forward to your return … again and again!

Nate McDonald, County Judge
Matagorda County