Welcome to Burke County

Welcome to Burke County NC

Newcomers and natives alike say a “sense of place” makes Burke County a special, even unique place to live. Our community’s persona finds expression in the mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls that define the land. Our sense of place creates a personal connection to a storied and fascinating past of people and events pivotal to the story of our region, state and nation, whether you are brand new to our county or have family ties going back generations.

Newcomers often see in Burke County reminders and images of hometowns where they lived… or could only imagine living. While natives already enjoy life here on a more human scale, newcomers see the promise of it in the hospitality of people they meet, of merchants who call them by name, of downtowns made for walking and of trails made for hiking. To others, our sense of place finds expression in nature, the arts, culture, learning and businesses, from creative small companies to advanced manufacturers. For newcomers seeking self-fulfillment, our churches, hospitals, schools, attractions, and health and human services organizations offer varied opportunities to connect with and invest in the community.

Through our annual relocation guide, we are pleased to introduce you to the place we call home and to invite you to consider making Burke County your own special place.