Welcome to Logan Square

Welcome to the neighborhood. Logan Square is rich in history yet fresh and vibrant. Whether you are new to the neighborhood or been here for many years, a resident or a visitor; there is something here for you. There are new places to explore and old favorites to revisit. Our businesses reflect the people of Logan Square, eclectic and diverse, independent and creative; some have been here for many decades (or in some cases even a century!) and others just a year. The community embraces and supports all of them. This is the spirit of Logan Square and what makes it a thriving area and a wonderful place to live, work and play.

The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce works to sustain the area’s commercial districts and enhance community around them. Our mission is to advance the commercial and civic interests of Logan Square by supporting the local businesses, advocating for community improvements and encouraging economic development in our neighborhood.

Our vision is of a neighborhood that thrives and a community that benefits from balanced support of both residential and commercial interests with all parties working together.

Logan Square is:

  • Inclusive and diverse.
  • Entrepreneurial in spirit.
  • Historic but always evolving.

To foster a strong community and assist our local businesses, we host regular networking happy hours, informational seminars and other events to help them succeed. We also produce the Logan Square Farmers Market, a fixture in the neighborhood and the City of Chicago. Our commitment to supporting local small business and building the community is demonstrated every Sunday at the market.

For more information on upcoming events, neighborhood news or how to get involved in the Logan Square community, visit our website at loganchamber.org, sign up for our newsletter and connect with us on Faceboook, Instagram and Twitter.

Whether you are a local business, resident or frequent visitor to our neighborhood, we’re happy you are here and hope you stay awhile.