Welcome to Monrovia

Nestled in Southern California under sunny skies, Monrovia, California, is 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles and eight miles east of Pasadena in the San Gabriel Valley. Known as an All-America City, Monrovia was founded in May 1886 and incorporated in 1887.

With approximately 40,000 residents, Monrovia offers a unique small-town charm with numerous amenities for those living and working in the area. The city boasts cultural facilities, recreational opportunities, excellent schools, top-notch hospitals and health care providers, as well as churches.

Monrovia enjoys a vibrant economy, with high-tech industries, job growth, revitalization and development.

Another popular aspect of Monrovia is its variety of housing, which includes single-family homes, condos and multifamily units. Likewise, there are a variety of styles, such as Victorian, Crafstman and contemporary.

When it comes to Monrovia’s cultural scene, there are many ways to explore. The Monrovia Public Library, Monrovia Historical Museum, Concerts in the Park, a wide range of festivals, Monrovia Days Parade and historical landmarks are just some of places and events from which to choose.

Monrovia’s warm weather yields to spending more time outside. There are more than 140 acres of hiking and camping terrain here, as well as swimming and wading pools, a community center, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, an aquatics center and tennis courts.

Residents and visitors to the area find that Monrovia is a great place to be!