Welcome to North Pittsburgh

Since the mid 1980s, Pittsburgh has been recognized in numerous national circles as a leader among American cities in stability, livability, affordability, versatility and change. Once driven by its prowess in the steel industry, Pittsburgh was home to more corporate headquarters located within its boundaries than all but two other U.S. cities. When the steel business left in the 1970s, however, it took with it that distinction and a lot of jobs, people and prosperity. Pittsburgh was at a crossroads. It could bemoan its fate and fade into obscurity or reinvent itself. It chose to reinvent itself. Today, Pittsburgh has ascended to the top in the fields of education, medicine and technology.

The North Hills of Pittsburgh has prospered from the reinvention. With its uniquely charming towns, new residential development, a growing business community and a preserved countryside, all set on a beautiful landscape, it attracts a wide range of residents and travelers.

Accessibility, planning and a sense of community all contribute to the popularity of the area. Residents enjoy a high quality of life. With convenient access to the region, they are just minutes away from professional sporting events, the cultural district, numerous colleges and universities, outstanding public and private schools, state-of-the-art health care facilities, shopping, nature and recreation. Top it off with friendly and welcoming residents, and you can understand why this area is one of the fastest growing residential and business communities in the state of Pennsylvania.

Visitors are attracted to it, too. The convenience to shopping, recreation and the access to sporting and cultural events blend together to make it an excellent place to stay and visit.

The Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber and its membership work together to continue to bring prosperity to the area. With a full range of programs and services, our Chamber works to provide opportunities for our members to engage, influence and thrive. Events like our Home Show & Business Expo, Health + Wellness Fair and Taste of Cranberry bring the residential and business communities together.

This community resource guide will give you a great overview of businesses, cultural and community information. We encourage you to use it to find the products and services that you need. When you buy local, you are supporting your friends, neighbors and relatives by keeping your money in the local economy.


Jim Boltz
Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber