Welcome to Park Hills

The Park Hills-Leadington Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome you to Park Hills, Missouri and Leadington, Missouri. We hope you will enjoy the friendly small-town atmosphere as much as we have.

The Park Hills and Leadington communities have both played roles in Southeast Missouri’s rich mining history. The “Lead Belt” was once one of the largest producers of lead in the world. With the depletion of this resource, the cities have met the challenges of transitioning from a mining-based economy to one much more diversified. Many small businesses are flourishing and more start-up businesses are opening each year.

We are very proud to have three of the finest community colleges in the state right here in our community. Both towns also share a multi-award-winning public school system, which is fully supported by a proud community.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love our parks. Our city parks are well maintained, and we are blessed with St. Joe State Park, one of the most-visited state parks in the U.S., located right on our doorstep, with several others just minutes away in nearly every direction.

Our area is also known as the southeast wine region of Missouri’s Wine Country. There are more than 20 wineries all situated in St. Francois and surrounding county. Bus tours featuring day and weekend trips with stops to several of the wineries are popular among locals and tourists alike.

Whether you are just visiting or planning to make our community your home, you will find that Park Hills and Leadington are friendly, fun-filled communities with beautiful views and friendly people. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Park Hills-Leadington Chamber of Commerce at (573) 431-1051. It is a distinct privilege to welcome you to our cities.


The Park Hills-Leadington Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors & Staff