Prairie du Chien Area Chamber

On behalf of the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Council, I would like to welcome you the Prairie du Chien area! For almost 70 years, the Chamber along with its members has worked to improve the economic vitality of the region. With over 300 members, the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Council is committed to protecting the economic future of the areas business community.

Our Chamber is a strong and vital organization made up of local businesses, service professionals, business and community organizations, bodies of local government and individuals who have joined together to support and cultivate the local community’s economic and civic development. As the “voice” for the Prairie du Chien area business community, the Chamber will continue to partner with local and state government officials to improve the quality of life for the city, county and region.

The Chamber serves as a resource for the business region. Whether it is through unique marketing opportunities, facilitating education seminars or advocating for the business community, the future of the Chamber is filled with excitement and optimism. There are many opportunities for businesses of all scopes and sizes to benefit from participation with the Chamber.

Prairie du Chien is a great place to start, relocate and own a business and we are proud of the many local companies that have contributed to a broad and strong economic base.

This impressive presentation of our community is made possible by the investment of our members who have advertised in this publication. Please patronize these fine businesses and help the local economy continue to grow and prosper.

The Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to serve the strong, dynamic business community in our area and is appreciative to be an active partner in initiatives that support a healthy economic climate and strong, positive connections between the businesses, community organizations and community members.


Robert Moses, President/CEO
211 S. Main St. | Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
(608) 326-8555 |