Welcome to Prescott

The Prescott Chamber of Commerce is pleased to publish this annual overview of our community and the directory of our members. We hope you find the information useful, whether you are visiting, thinking of relocating or just looking for general information.

If you are a visitor to our community, we welcome you! This community profile is designed to provide you with a significant amount of information about our beautiful, idyllic community. We call Prescott “Everybody’s Hometown” because most people find something here that reminds them of where they grew up. To many, it is the historic County Courthouse, tree-lined plaza and surrounding shops in the downtown area. To others, it is the overall small-town charm and hospitality. People are friendly here, and you’ll notice it no matter where you are in our community.

If you’re thinking of moving here, read through this magazine and you’ll be hooked! Prescott’s mile-high elevation, moderate climate, scenic vistas, parks, trails and so much more will provide you with a good feeling about the community. For a city of 40,000, there is a lot happening here! Regular big-city-style entertainment is offered through such venues as Yavapai College and city cultural facilities. The variety of local restaurants is incredible, with a mix of recognizable national chains, too.

Shopping experiences are easily satisfied as well. Many love to poke through the myriad of antique shops, art galleries and other specialty stores downtown, while also finding larger department and retail stores in the area, too. Prescott is the hub of shopping for much of central Arizona. Neighboring Prescott Valley offers more to the mix of shopping and entertainment experiences. Educational opportunities abound, with six institutions of higher learning alone!

Visitors, new residents and current Chamber members will find great value in the alphabetical and categorical listings of our members. For up-to-date membership information, remember that the Prescott Chamber provides a comprehensive website, www.prescott.org, with current membership information and links to important websites in our community.