Welcome to the Barrington Area

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Welcome to the Barrington Region

Hello Neighbor! Welcome to the Barrington Region – a picturesque community with lush landscapes, quaint downtowns, first class education and community services, and a vibrant community scene. The Barrington Area is a sought-after destination where people want to raise families, live, work and enjoy.

Each year the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) produces two key resource publications that give you access to the hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, community groups, governmental leaders, and other institutions who are the heart and soul of our communities. When you’re looking for products and services, use this handy guide to support them, or visit our BACC website at www.BarringtonChamber.com. Our website is the No. 1 resource for business referrals in the Barrington Area. We hope you will make a personal commitment to do business here!

BACC members are people just like you who don’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves, get involved as volunteers, help raise money to support local causes, shop, dine and do business right here in our hometowns. Our organization is at the root of bringing the business community together to succeed, celebrate, and sustain vibrant neighborhoods.

Never underestimate the role you can play in keeping your community thriving. When you buy local you help protect locally-owned businesses and the unique character of our towns. More importantly, when you shop local your dollar reaches farther – your purchases impact you, your family and your neighbor. So each time you spend a dollar, make your choices here – Shop and Support Local!

Suzanne Corr
Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce

Message from the Board Chairman

This year the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to celebrate 50 years serving the business community. What started in 1969 by a group of innovative business leaders dedicated to enriching their communities, is now an organization of nearly 900 members, representing 1,800 local employees; one of the largest chambers in the region and the state.

This year, I am honored to serve as the BACC Board Chairman. Our board leadership is made up of thoughtful, insightful business leaders who volunteer their time to provide services, programs and resources that help local business succeed. Many of the members we serve are small business owners and individual professionals trying to build successful careers; our members are the fabric of our communities and our success as an organization is dependent on the success of our communities.

Let me tell you some unique things about BACC: We offer over 200 networking opportunities a year; we field nearly 6,000 calls a year for business referrals; our website is a resource that generates about 3 million hits a year; we manage large community events that bring entertainment, character and prosperity to our communities; and we support local students and numerous nonprofits by donating thousands of dollars back into our community each year. BACC people have a passion for impacting our communities in positive ways.

If you are not currently a BACC member, join our tradition of building business success. If you are a local consumer, use our resources to integrate local business into the fabric of your life here. Your support helps us create strong communities.

Dennis Kelly
FGMK Insurance Agency, Inc.
BACC Board Chairman