Wineries in Fredericksburg

Wineries in Fredericksburg Texas – Hill Country

Texas has become a serious contender in the business of producing wine, and Fredericksburg has become the epicenter of the industry. More than 30 wineries and vineyards dot the area, many of which lie on U.S. Highway 290, or Wine Road 290 as it is quickly becoming known. Named by Orbitz as the second-most visited wine region in the United States, behind Napa Valley, Fredericksburg’s tradition of winemaking actually predates that of California’s.

One of the headlines of the 25th anniversary edition of the Fredericksburg Standard newspaper, printed on March 18, 1937, read “Winery Sells to Wide Area.” The article featured Ludwig Vorauer, who was the manager of Pecan Belt Nursery and owner of The Texas Winery. According to the article, “He manufactures his wine from the choicest grapes and ages it in oak kegs. This pure fine wine of the Hills of Fredericksburg can compete with imported wines.” The article, including a photo of the vineyards, encouraged everyone to visit the vineyards and winery “just five miles out on the Burnet Road.” One has to wonder what Mr. Vorauer would think of the explosive growth of internationally noted wine that has emerged not far from his early vineyard.

Becoming a wine destination takes both time and experimentation. Julie Kuhlken, owner of Pedernales Cellars, explains that when her parents first opened the vineyard in 1995, Texas was not known for fine wine, instead it was known for table wine. Kuhlken said that when her parents opened the vineyard it was an “interesting choice, (but) it wasn’t clear it would go anywhere.” Many wineries and vineyards at the time had to do a lot of testing to find which grape would grow best in the region, and which was best for their wine.

Brian Heath, owner of Grape Creek Vineyards, can relate, saying it “takes so long to see if trial and error really worked.” After wineries began experimenting, Heath and other wine makers have found that warm-weathered grapes work best.

Heath observes that in the past five years, winery owners have worked to create an attractive, diverse and high-quality wine destination here. Fredericksburg Wine Road 290 is an association of area vineyards and wineries, all located along this popular stretch of highway, that collectively markets their products to consumers and each offers tours, wine samplings and pairings, and special events. One local winery owner described Wine Road 290 as being Disney World, where all the wineries and vineyards are just different rides and attractions. For a full calendar of their events and tours, visit

Visitors can purchase wine by the bottle or glass and many of the wineries offer cozy tasting rooms or scenic outdoor pavilions to sit and enjoy the ambiance, along with a cheese plate.

Arrangements can also be made with one of several companies for a wine tour, including transportation in a luxury coach, limousine or even a helicopter! Packages including wine tasting fees and door-to-door service are offered by the following:

Fredericksburg Limo & Wine Tour
(830) 992-0696

George’s 290 Wine Tours
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Hill Country Express Tours
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Texas Wine Tours
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4.0 Cellars
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Becker Vineyards and Lavender Farm
(830) 644-2681

Chisholm Trail Winery
(830) 990-2675

Fall Creek Vineyards
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Fiesta Winery Fredericksburg
(830) 307-3328

Fredericksburg Winery
(830) 990-8747

Grape Creek Vineyards
(830) 644-2710

Grape Creek Vineyards on Main
(830) 992-3373

Hilmy Cellars
(830) 644-2482

Lincoln Street Wine Market
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Messina Hof Hill Country
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Singing Water Vineyards
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Texas Hills Vineyard
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Texas Vineyards & Beyond LLC
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Wildseed Farms, Inc.
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William Chris Vineyards
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