Chairman’s Welcome

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For over half a century, the Woodbridge Metro Chamber of Commerce has served as the township’s spearhead for bringing ready, willing and able buyers and sellers together. Our Membership Directory serves as a valuable resource as you consider merchants and business professionals, and the goods and services they provide.

Woodbridge Township is more than just Woodbridge proper. While Main Street is the heart of Woodbridge, the township also embraces the sections known as Colonia, Iselin, Fords, Avenel, Hopelawn, Keasby, Menlo Park Terrace, Sewaren and Port Reading. These communities have wonderful businesses and equally wonderful residents and visitors. It is the goal of the WMCC to bring these people together. Doing business is about building relationships. At the Chamber, we are deeply committed to building and growing the types of relationships that really generate commercial activity and social interaction.

Woodbridge Township Mayor John McCormac likes to say, “Woodbridge is the best town around!” He’s right; it is. Woodbridge has something for everyone. We have fine and casual dining. We have small and mid-size boutique businesses as well as large shopping malls. We have beautiful residential communities, parks, entertainment and fitness centers throughout our township. Coming soon to Avenel will be the Avenel Arts Village. This will be an exciting new addition to our community. Few communities rival our attorneys, realtors, accountants, bankers and financial professionals. We are the leaders in environmental sustainability.

We are known as the “Crossroads Chamber” and with good reason. There is no busier corridor in the state than the one where the Parkway, the Turnpike and Routes 1, 9, 27 and 35 all meet. At the Woodbridge Metro Chamber of Commerce, our vision is to bring together our “buyers & sellers” through common relationships. Share in our vision – invest in your success.

Robert Durso
JJ Elek Realty
Chairman of the Board