Taking Action

Committed to Business

The Baytown Chamber of Commerce knows business. When it comes to improving the bottom line, meeting new contacts through networking or growing a company, members turn to the Chamber for their expertise.

Membership Service Division

Membership development conducts an organized membership campaign to increase the number of members to strengthen the Baytown Chamber of Commerce and enhance the voice of business.

The ambassador committee works to retain existing Chamber members, including personal visits and other efforts to increase the organization’s visibility. The committee hosts First Thursday Business After Hours, Surprise Patrol, Lunch Mob and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, as well as greets attendees at Chamber functions.

Public Affairs Division

The legislative advocacy committee works to strengthen the Chamber as the voice of business by providing policy recommendations on local, state and national legislation, as well as publicizes policy decisions. The committee also hosts forums for the community on local and regional elections to bring the issues and/or candidates to the voters so that they may make informed decisions on elections.

Community Development Division

The crime prevention and safety committee promotes and assists in continued efforts to make Baytown as safe as possible. The committee is a liaison between law enforcement, fire, emergency medical service, emergency management and business. The committee was instrumental in getting the 1/8 percent Crime Control Prevention District and 1/8 percent Fire Control Prevention EMS District sales taxes passed. These two districts have made it possible to purchase new capital equipment without relying on property tax or bond programs, and put more officers on the street through the hot spot and commercial vehicle enforcement units that monitor the increasing traffic on the truck routes.

The annual Baytown Business Expo gives local businesses the opportunity to exhibit their goods and services to prospective buyers and to educate the public on doing business in Baytown.

Seminars and workshops are offered to members throughout the year, ranging from employment related topics to half-day customer service and motivational workshops.

The Young Professionals Council, ages 40 and under, is designed to educate future business leaders and have them mentor those who are coming up behind them on the importance of community leadership through volunteerism.

Special Events Division

Golf tournament volunteers work to develop a fundraiser that assists in stabilizing the finances and rebuilding the operating reserves of the Chamber. In addition, brings positive recognition to Baytown and gives the opportunity for networking away from a formal business setting.

Epicurean Evening volunteers assist with the annual tasting exposition for area restaurants, giving them opportunities to share menu items with the public and business community, as well as promoting their dining and catering services.

Education Division

This group promotes a liaison between the business and educational communities by sponsoring programs like Partners In Education (PIE), Capitol Scholars, Texas Scholars and others. In addition, the division chooses six graduating high school students (two from each of the three high schools) and provides them with scholarships to Lee College.

The PIE committee is a subcommittee with Partners In Education participants. It reviews programs with a goal of continual growth and improvement. Their main purpose is to have business partners in the classrooms to mentor and tutor the students in the district.

Administrative Division

Dues evaluation participants review the current investment schedule and determine if it is truly a fair-share formula that meets the needs of the Chamber.

Nominating and by-laws members develop and implement guidelines for the nomination of directors and the executive committee, ensuring the continuity of Chamber leadership.

Under this division, is also budget development.