Economic Development

An Economic Development Foundation Program Report

The Baytown/West Chambers County Economic Development Foundation has endeavored to make the Baytown area the best move for corporate expansion and relocation since 1986. For more than 30 years, our work has focused on creating and preserving jobs by collaboratively anticipating and addressing regional issues, resulting in many of the most prestigious companies selecting Baytown and West Chambers County for new investments, creating broad-based employment for hundreds of people.

We attribute our progress to strong community leadership and supportive financial partners. Guiding the Foundation is a 35-member Board of Directors representing major industry, financial institutions, chambers of commerce, local media, citizens, the City of Baytown, Chambers County and Harris County. Our financial partners include local businesses, Chambers County, Harris County, Port Houston, the Baytown Municipal Development District and Improvement Districts 1 & 2.

In the beginning, we envisioned new businesses setting up shop in the area, existing businesses expanding their operations to Baytown/West Chambers County, and a vitalizing atmosphere in which all industry could prosper. Today we are proud to be working directly with numerous companies that have and continue to invest billions of dollars in our communities, creating and retaining thousands of jobs and generating millions of dollars in tax revenues. Because our public-private partnership has believed in the Baytown area all along, we have a compelling story about new investment, capital expansions, job creation, generational expansion of the tax base, and mastering challenges on behalf of business.

We believe business – whether it’s an industrial entity, petrochemicals, advanced manufacturing, wholesale distribution, logistics, healthcare, retail or commercial development – can tap its individual potential in Baytown/West Chambers County. We invite you to expand your boundaries and realize the grand possibilities of the area:

Mike Shields
Executive Director
Economic Development Foundation