Business in Sarasota

Business in Sarasota FL

When it comes to locating headquarters in a particular place, while the work environment is important, the amenities outside the office need to be just as ideal. After all, people tend to want to work where they can also live and play. Luckily for those businesses in Sarasota County, employees find the ideal work/life balance, as the area is chock full of cultural attractions, athletic amusements and an extensive list of retailers and restaurants, not to mention its proximity to the Gulf and all the exploration that brings.

Sarasota is the headquarters for the family owned and operated Tervis Tumbler Company, whose insulated drinkware has been a favorite across the country for more than 70 years. The company started in Michigan but relocated to Sarasota in the 1960s and has called the area home ever since. Tervis is the fourth-largest employer in Sarasota County, with more than 550 employees.

Making meals delicious for over a century, Boar’s Head Provisions Co, Inc., provides high-quality delicatessen meats, cheeses and condiments. Although the company was founded in 1905 in New York, Boar’s Head moved its headquarters to Sarasota in 2001. Boar’s Head products can be found in grocery stores and fine delicatessens throughout the nation and Puerto Rico. Today, the company employs nearly 200 people in Sarasota County, where the company is actively involved in the community.

Each time a person receives a package from some of the largest companies in the “online” business, they are getting a piece of Sarasota. That’s because the executive headquarters of Intertape Polymer Group (IPG), a specialty packaging manufacturer, operates its headquarters here in Sarasota, where more than 100 employees come to work. When it comes to packaging materials and machines, IPG happens to be the single most well-equipped provider to ecommerce business. With its central brand of Water Activated Tape and its Better Packages branded machines, IPG seals more boxes than any other company in North America. While the company may be renowned for its tape, it also produces many important products for the aerospace and auto industry, including specialized woven coated fabrics.

Having so many companies close to home means Sarasota residents can enjoy the natural beauty and cultural activities of the area while also working for some of the country’s leading companies.