Chamber Welcome

Dear Members, residents and visitors,

As you flip through the pages of the Chamber630 2019-2020 Resource Guide & Business Directory, I hope you consider the companies listed here as the very best to call when you are in need of connecting to a business. These are the businesses that are truly dedicated to your community.

2019 is a year of several local celebrations and you will notice this theme throughout this publication. There are many organizations to salute for a variety of anniversaries; you’ll find them mentioned throughout these pages. One celebration, special to the business community is that of Chamber630.

Five years ago, two great chambers of commerce merged together to become Chamber630. While only five years old, Chamber630 holds over 100 years of organizational knowledge, 100 years of driving for success with a passion for Member value, 100 years of ambition to always be a better Chamber and 100 years of historical greatness.

This year, we gave birth to the 630 Workforce Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 that will provide programs to the workforce and future workforce for the benefit of all stakeholders. Those we serve will be equipped with comprehensive information, resources and skills to address the changing demands and challenges of the workforce.

Please enjoy the many celebrations and visit for more information.


Laura Crawford
President & CEO, Chamber630