Downers Grove Mayor’s Welcome

t’s been several months since I was sworn in as Mayor and I’d like to once again thank everyone who participated as informed and engaged voters. Congratulations to Commissioners Nicole Walus, Leslie Sadowski-Fugitt, and Rich Kulovany for choosing to serve and being elected with votes of confidence by our Community and to our colleagues Greg Hose and Marge Earl who remain committed to service and to our newest Council member, Cavanaugh Gray who was unanimously appointed by the Council to fill the seat I vacated. I’m looking forward to building and strengthening relationships that will help us serve Downers Grove together and will help Downers Grove be a productive contributor to our local business environment.

Downers Grove is part of a broad diverse business community that consists of technology, manufacturing, retail, warehousing, logistics, education and health care – industries that strengthen and enrich our community. And the Chamber630 community has a wealth of assets including a highly skilled work force, two national laboratories and excellent access to all modes of transportation. We are indeed fortunate, and opportunities abound!

It’s my goal to ensure our local government is practical, real and accessible for all and that we provide quality services at a value that reflects the standards and priorities of our residents and business community alike.

Together we can address challenges with honest assessments and focus on what matters most: the people of our community. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve Downers Grove. I am thankful for the work of Chamber630 ensuring local government has the necessary perspective balance, and I look forward to the next four years.
Best regards,

Robert Barnett
Village of Downers Grove Mayor