Best Place to Live

Inviting and energetic Hermiston has set the pace for growth in Eastern Oregon. Hermiston’s “urban cluster” has grown close to 29,000 while inside the limits exceeds 18,000 people. More and more people are choosing to call Hermiston home, which makes it the largest city in Northeastern Oregon. With continued growth on the horizon and a booming business community, the region’s possibilities are endless. It’s obvious why more and more people are deciding to make Hermiston their permanent home.

This increase has ultimately proven that location is key for economic development and growth. Hermiston is ideally located in the Columbia River Basin, with an innovative role in expanding the world of high-tech agricultural strategies and leading the way with high-tech-related businesses.

You can find Hermiston at the hub of interstates 84 and 82 as well as the Columbia River and Union Pacific Railroad terminal, called Hinkle, where more than 270,000 rail cars move through annually. All of the transportation portals help to move goods, produce and products to the rest of the world.

Did you know we grow over 200 different crops in our area? We feed the world! A partnership with Blue Mt. Community College and OSU Hermiston Agriculture Research Education Center invested in Hermiston educational program in Precision AG. Precision agriculture uses technology (smartphones, GPS, satellites, and drones) to make agriculture more efficient. Many farmers and agribusinesses are adopting this new technology around the globe, but they need employees who can use technology. Precision agriculture is centered around the idea of site-specific farming: using only what you need (fertilizer, seeding rates, pesticides, etc.) right when and where you need it. A precision agriculture technician might help monitor field moisture using special probes, install or maintain precision irrigation equipment, collect data, and design or program precision agriculture applications.

Education in Hermiston has grown with the addition of Eastern Oregon Higher Education Center where you can now get a four-year degree through Blue Mountain Community College and Eastern Oregon University investing in our future. The Hermiston school district in recent years replaced three of the existing schools as well as invested in new technology. Hermiston Schools are growing our next generation and Hermiston is creating pathways to their success.

Kennison Field stadium located at the Hermiston Hight School is a state-of-the-art multi-use synthetic field, designed to accommodate football, soccer, lacrosse, track and field and opportunities to host state level competition games and events in Hermiston.

Increased business investments, developer investments and private public partnerships continue to keep Hermiston on the horizon for economic growth. Dupont Pioneer added a $30 million expansion is recent years. Lamb Weston expansion, Good Shepherd Health Care System and Tech companies investments bring exciting job creation and opportunities. Keep your pulse on Hermiston and watch us GROW!

Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center is built on 75 acres and includes the PRCA Farm City Pro Rodeo, Umatilla County Fair, future uses to include an outdoor sports complex, indoor arena, RV Park and room to bring in world-class performers, events and conventions.