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The Fife Milton Edgewood (FME) area is dependent on many industries.  The region is firmly established with a diverse economy that includes trade, manufacturing, government, local schools and a variety of commercial activities.

Fife is the gateway to the Port of Tacoma, which has a significant economic impact on the entire FME area. A study released in September 2014 demonstrates the 2013 impact of the marine cargo operations at the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma harbors.

  • Supported more than 48,000 jobs.
  • Generated nearly $4.3 billion in economic activity.
  • Produced $379 million in state and local taxes to support education, police, fire services and road improvements.

Marine cargo operations also generated $138.1 billion in total economic activity in 2013. That accounts for about one-third of Washington state’s gross domestic product. The figure includes revenue generated by port-related businesses as well as wages paid to people holding direct jobs.

The jobs equation

The study focused on direct, indirect and induced jobs.

  • 18,900 direct jobs: Includes trucking companies and railroads moving cargo to and from terminals, and warehouses, longshore workers, steamship agents and freight forwarders.
  • 11,100 indirect jobs: These jobs are generated in supporting industries and suppliers, and include office supply firms, maintenance and repair firms, and parts and equipment suppliers.
  • 18,100 induced jobs: These are jobs created by people directly employed by marine cargo operations re-spending their wages in the community on housing, food and other consumer goods.
  • The NWSA’s activities reach 443,000 jobs in the state if we factor in the farmers and manufacturers who ship products through the ports.
About the study

The economic impact study was completed in 2013 by Martin Associates, a Pennsylvania-based firm that has conducted economic studies for ports throughout the U.S.

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