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Things to Do in Fife, WA

With a population of just over 9,900 and a thriving business environment, Fife offers a small-town feel with big-city ideas. Fife has grown into an accessible business hub – linking people, cities, jobs and attractions. Located along Interstate 5 with close proximity to Tacoma, Sea-Tac International Airport and the Port of Tacoma, Fife is a center of industry and commerce in the Puget Sound.

Open space, vibrant parks, outdoor public art, close-knit neighborhoods and great schools make Fife an ideal place for families. There is no shortage of family-friendly events in Fife and it is located just minutes from Tacoma’s renowned museum district. And, Mount Rainier really is as close as it looks.


Fife was founded in 1957 and covers roughly 5.85 square miles of land between the Puyallup River and Puget Sound.

As of 2017, 10,100 people call Fife home. There are seven parks to enjoy, with amenities that include an off-leash dog area, ponds, walking and biking trails, ball fields and sports courts.


In Fife, we’re industrious by nature. Fife’s hard-working heritage, close-knit culture and convenient access to great schools, jobs and amenities make Fife ideal for families. Fife families love the city for its award-winning school district, free year-round special events and miles of parks and trails to explore. No B+O tax, I-5 exposure, a responsive city government and chamber of commerce, and its central location make Fife well positioned to do business.

Rental Opportunities

There are many rental opportunities in the Fife area. The area has roughly 16 rental complexes and units, rent for one-bedroom units start as low as $600 per month. For more rental options, visit


Pierce County Library – Fife Branch
6622 20th St. East | (253) 548-3323

Our 6,000-foot library is open six days a week, has conference rooms, computers and over 25,000 books, DVDs and audiobooks. Residents can also enjoy many other programs and options. For more information, visit

Outlet Shopping
20th Street East between 54th & Port of Tacoma
Fife is home to many outlet stores, conveniently located together, including: Sportco, Brown & Haley Confections, Emily’s Gourmet Chocolate & Nuts, Parr Cabinets and Costco Business Center.

Performing Arts Center
2901 54th Ave. East | (253) 896-8606
As a world-class facility, the Fife PAC hosts musical, dramatic and magical performances year-round. Each December the family classic “Nutcracker” comes to town.

Fife History Museum
2820 54th Ave. East | (253) 896-4710
Our interactive museum includes rotating exhibits, videos and knowledgeable staff. The museum campus also includes a very rare train engine and caboose at the Dacca Barn.

Dacca Barn
2820 54th Ave. East | (253) 896-2593
Dacca Barn is the perfect venue for reunions, birthday parties, weddings, civic events and more. Enjoy the fully restored and upgraded barn that has been part of Fife’s history since 1964. It is Located next to Fife’s historic Engine #684 and an 18-acre park, providing a scenic backdrop.

Playgrounds and Parks

Fife boasts nearly 150 acres of public parks, natural areas and open space, eight developed parks, and four playgrounds. Our parks offer walking trails, picnic shelters, playgrounds, basketball courts, skate parks, volleyball courts, baseball fields and more, plus ample free parking, direct freeway access and clean restrooms.

Fife Aquatic Center
5410 20th St. East | (253) 922-7665
Immerse yourself in our unique pool with a salt-sanitizing system. The Aquatic Center includes a six-lane, 25-yard main pool, children’s wading pool and hot tub, and can be rented for parties.


Over four miles of designated trails await you. Hike, bike, walk or run on our well-maintained and beautiful trails.

Off-Leash Dog Park + Pond

Located in Dacca Park, the area includes flat walking trails, picnic areas and two ponds. Your four-legged friends will love it!

Hylebos / Milgard Nature Area
This 15-acre habitat restoration project has hiking trails and animal viewing in a wetland habitat setting.

Fife Community Center
2111 54th Ave. East | (253) 922-0900
Engage the entire family in the many youth, adult, and senior classes and workshops that the center offers. Rent the facility for meetings, weddings, receptions and a plethora of other events.

Women, Infant, & Children Services
The FCC & SeaMar Community Health Center have joined forces to provide pregnant women, infants and children with supplemental food and basic health care. The WIC staff evaluates potential candidates to determine if these candidates meet the income guidelines and/or medical/nutritional risks to be eligible for the program. People interested in utilizing the program must make an appointment in order to be interviewed.

Dates: Monday through Thursday and the first, third, fourth
Friday of each month
Times: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., by appointment only
Location: Fife Community Center

FAQs: Living in Fife

Why is 54th Avenue closed at the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks?
The crossing was closed to allow for expansion of the UPRR operations, the building of Columbia Junior High School and the Dacca Park Complex. In 2001, the Fife City Council voted to close the crossing to general public access until such time as a safer crossing could be built, such as a grade separation. The City of Fife has the construction of a grade-separated crossing in the city’s comprehensive plan; however neither the design nor construction of that grade separation is currently funded.

Who maintains the levee?
The maintenance division of Pierce County Water Programs maintains the Levee; the City of Fife maintains the asphalt portion only.

Why do we pay separate drainage district and city drainage utility fees?
Drainage District 23 remains responsible for the ownership and maintenance of main drainage ditches in the north portion the City of Fife. The city’s utility is responsible for water quality issues and ownership, maintenance and improvement of branch drainage lines.

Where does the drinking water come from?
The City of Fife buys all drinking water from Tacoma Water. The purchased water is mainly from the Green River.

Does my water have fluoride in it?
Tacoma Water adds fluoride to the water, at approximately 1 milligram per liter dosage. Because the water we supply our customers is purchased from Tacoma Water, the water Fife customers receive contains fluoride.

How can I tell if I have a water leak?
If you suspect you may have a leak, you can contact the City of Fife Water Division at (253) 922-9315 and the city will be happy to send a specialist to assist you in determining if you do have a leak, at no cost. You may also check yourself by looking at your water meter. All the water meters have a built-in leak detection indicator on the face of the meter register. Simply make sure that no water is being used at the time in your home or business, and then look at the meter register. If the leak detector, usually a small black triangle or a small red dial, is moving then water is running somewhere and there is probably a leak.

Where does Fife’s sewage go and how does it get there?
The sewage goes to City of Tacoma’s treatment plant through a sewer pipe line.

What is the Safety Camera Program and does the program work?
In a city like Fife, it’s more likely that a driver will be injured in a crash while running a red light than in any other type of accident. Fife’s Safety Camera Program has resulted in a 30 percent decrease in collisions at key intersections. All proceeds from fines go to the Public Safety Fund to be used specifically on safety enhancement projects. Simply make a full stop behind the marked white line before entering the intersection and you will not receive a ticket.