Chamber President

Hello Neighbor,

I am humbled and excited to be the next president of The Grand Corridor Chamber of Commerce for 2019. Starting with a business in Elmwood Park and now being a resident, I truly know how important it is to be involved supporting one another in the community.  From the get-go, I have always relied on this community guide and networking among other members to know who to rely on for the task at hand and I hope you will see it as a valuable resource also.

With a strong foundation already in place among a well-versed board of directors, our Chamber looks to keep expanding our 200+ members and grand opening celebrations along with continuing our after-hour gatherings, which helps to get to know more about each other while showcasing local businesses. We are also very fortunate to have a wonderful assistant to the daily operations, Sandy Sugg. Please don’t hesitate to call her about the latest happenings or to ask about our upcoming functions since we would love to get to meet, learn from and know how we can support you.

Thank you in advance for keeping this community guide by your side and utilizing it to support your local businesses along with your continued loyalty and dedication to The Grand Corridor Chamber of Commerce.

All the best,

Joseph M. Perino