River Grove Village President

As I continue to serve my inaugural term as Mayor of River Grove, I am proud of all the wonderful initiatives that are happening in the village. Our streetscaping program has brought so much beauty to our Grand Avenue corridor. Our recreation programs are thriving with so many residents taking advantage of the variety of offerings. The updating of our much needed vehicle fleet has brought safety and pride to our departments. Public safety and resident service is a top priority with a new fire engine, squads, and public works trucks. Bringing back our River Front Fest was a dynamic decision and tremendous team effort. The positive energy and sense of community it brought was infectious and we look forward to our next one in July 2019.

As a lifelong “Grover,” I take pride in what our village has to offer.  This upcoming year is going to be epic in River Grove as we continue to bring economic development to our community.  The addition of Go2 Logistics, a state-of-the-art distribution center located on the southwest side of town, promises to bring many opportunities and growth. Also, we are excited about the Starbucks that will be a cornerstone to our community. It is slated to be anchored at the southeast corner of Grand and Thatcher, with an expected completion date sometime in 2019. We are also developing Grand Avenue with the addition of 48 luxury units. These high-end properties are sure to bring more friendly neighbors to our village as we continue to advance our long-range strategic development goals.

Whether you are a potential home buyer or an interested business owner, you will find River Grove has many opportunities. We want to work with you, and please know that I am always available to discuss issues and development ideas. I am confident we can do great things together!

David B. Guerin