Mayor’s Welcome

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The San Francisco Bay Area is the innovation capital of our state, country and arguably our planet. The region provides the entrepreneurial spirit, technological development and bold thinking that is changing industries, commerce, policy and the ways we live, learn and play here at home and around the globe. It is a distinction owing to our region’s natural beauty, commitment to environmental protection, world-class academic and research institutions, progressive attitudes, and standing as a beacon to immigrants, migrants and risk-takers for generations.

Within the Bay Area, as a place of business and to do business, the City of Hayward offers an unparalleled combination of competitive advantages. From a commercial standpoint, we are strategically located at the center of the region and tied to markets regionally, nationally and globally through a robust transportation network of multiple highways, heavy and light rail, airports and maritime shipping lines operating through the Port of Oakland.

When it comes to employee recruitment and retention, Hayward businesses draw on a highly educated regional workforce within short commute distances. As a lifestyle proposition, the city is home to a highly diverse and welcoming community with relatively affordable real estate and housing costs, two-year and four-year college campuses in Chabot College and California State University East Bay and easy access to San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose entertainment and culture, and expansive parks and open spaces, including shoreline and ridgeline hiking trails.

Increasingly, business owners and investors are discovering Hayward. The city’s industrial crescent is a veritable ecosystem of commerce and creation with thousands of companies and firms of all sizes across of a multitude of sectors — information technology, bio-tech and life science, transportation and logistics, food and beverage manufacturing, business and financial services and advanced materials among them. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of dollars in new residential and retail development has been approved for downtown Hayward and will bring new housing options, new residents and new energy to our city’s core.

At city hall, Hayward government means business, too. Our Business Concierge program at our Economic Development department is a one-stop shop to support business site selection, project development and a range of business operation, marketing and workforce activities. And we are making public infrastructure and service investments in energy, utilities, roadways, housing and libraries intended enhance the business climate and quality of life in our community. It is with great pride that I say, welcome to Hayward.

Barbara Halliday
Mayor of Hayward