Hermiston Municipal Airport

The Hermiston Municipal Airport plays an important role in the commerce and travel to this area and is making changes to accommodate the growth the city and region continue to experience. We provide a base for agricultural planes to provide aerial applications for the important crops grown in the area. We are also a vital link to the rest of the country for this region, as we serve the companies with the ability to fly directly to Hermiston in company planes. We also serve as one of the air freight hubs for the region. In addition, we support general aviation by providing services to pilots and aircraft owners by providing hangars, maintenance, fuel and training.

As agriculture has grown in this area, so has the need for aerial support. Aerial applicators fly from the Hermiston Airport to service growers throughout the region. In addition, new technology now allows for weekly flights with specialized cameras that yield detailed information to growers on the nutrient and moisture content of their crops, valuable information that supports maximum yields to the local agricultural industry.

Gorge Aviation Services is now the fixed-base operator at the Hermiston Municipal Airport and provides comprehensive aviation services to all of the aircraft owners and pilots using the airport. Gorge Aviation’s maintenance facility provides a full range of aircraft maintenance services ranging from the smallest single-engine airplanes to corporate turbines and jets. Gorge Aviation has three airplanes available for flight training for pilots as well as rental use, and also provides scenic flights for the public around the area.

The airport terminal serves travelers with a hospitable, convenient and spacious facility in which to rest, make travel arrangements and meet and coordinate activities during their stay. The conference room is also available for a variety of activities that support the region. With the Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center adjacent to the airport, it is convenient for visitors who are attending events and meetings there.

New opportunities to support the aviation population as well as community and region are continuing to develop, and the Hermiston Municipal Airport and Gorge Aviation look forward to a continued successful relationship into the future.