Lancaster County Schools SC

Lancaster County Schools SC

Education is a top priority in Lancaster County, especially when it comes to preparing the next generation to be workforce ready. In fact, residents value the education their children receive so much that they voted to pass a $199 million bond referendum to help students throughout Lancaster County School District (LCSD) succeed.

“We’re so fortunate to have citizens who believe in public education and realize how important state-of-the-art facilities are to creating a safe, quality learning environment,” says Dr. Jonathan Phipps, LCSD superintendent. “The projects the bond makes possible will help us offer more academically, help us address growth issues and help us make schools safer. We’re excited about the great things these new facilities and upgrades will do for our students, staff and the community.”

Thanks to the bond, LCSD is adding two new schools, which will add more space so pupils can get the most out of their education.

“The bond helps us address growth issues in Indian Land by building another elementary school in that community and building a new high school,” says Phipps. “Once these schools are finished, we’ll make all elementary schools in Indian Land grades K-4, convert the existing middle school to an intermediary school for grades five to six and convert the existing high school to a middle school for grades seven to eight. Changing the grade structure of these schools will give us more space at the lower grades to address growth issues. Building the larger new high school will give us more space for grades nine to 12.”

LCSD, in partnership with the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce, is also part of the Leader in Me education platform, a nationwide model that teaches students 21st-century leadership and life skills.

“The Leader in Me program is developing work habits in our students to help them be more successful in school and in their lives,” says Phipps. “We’re very fortunate to have a Chamber and community that’s helping make this platform possible for our students.”

To ensure students have the skills they need upon graduation, LCSD is proud to offer multiple workforce development initiatives, such as Chromebooks for every student in grades three through 12. LCSD also has a career center where students have access to approximately 125 course offerings in 12 programs of study, including business management, engineering, health science, information technology, manufacturing and more.

“We’re working hard to make all students aware of career opportunities in technical and trade areas,” Phipps says. “We want every student to have the information they need to make wise career decisions and to know about the programs we have to give students the skills they need to be successful in those careers.”

Area private schools are equipping students with the skills they need as well, such as Carolina Christian Academy (CCA). Those looking for an alternative, affordable, faith-based education need look no further than CCA.

Serving children in prekindergarten through 12th grades, CCA prepares students for a lifetime of success. Students who attend CCA take the core subjects, such as math, science and English, as well as Bible, fine arts and athletics, including volleyball, basketball and golf. CCA also offers care for infants and toddlers.

Whether a first-time undergraduate, career changer or professional brushing up on skills, learners have two top-notch higher education institutions that offer hands-on training close to home: the University of South Carolina Lancaster (USC Lancaster) and York Technical College (York Tech).

USC Lancaster offers a wide range of associate degrees and a few bachelor’s degrees. Students can pursue areas such as nursing, criminal justice, marketing, engineering, computer science, medical technology and more.

The university is committed to ensuring all have access to higher education, which is why they offer an extensive scholarship and financial aid program, as well as flexible scheduling, with weekday and evening classes.

Aside from helping students prepare for the jobs they want through rigorous academic programs, USC Lancaster boasts numerous career resources too. Through USC Lancaster’s career services, scholars can find jobs, fine tune their resumes and so much more.

At York Tech, students can earn diplomas, certificates and associate degrees in the fields of information technology (IT), business administration, environmental science, early childhood development and engineering, to name a few. Those looking to enter the health care profession as a nurse should look to York Tech and USC Lancaster cooperative nursing program,
which has been ranked in the top
five vocational, career and community colleges.

Both York Tech and USC Lancaster also offer a dual enrollment program, allowing high school students to earn college credits before they graduate.

Students of all ages are being prepared for careers right here at home. — By Brooke Payne