Parks and Recreation

Residents and visitors in the Ontario area are served by numerous facilities that provide year-round access to recreation. The community is committed to the health and wellness of its citizens. The parks and recreation department maintains and manages city parks, public tennis courts and a skate park. For information about classes and activities, call (541) 889-7686.

In addition to the plethora of amenities made possible by the parks and recreation department, the area is perfect for leisure interests such as hunting, fishing and water sports. The diverse terrain and scenery function as wonderful routes for both cyclists and motorcyclists. Avid hunters will discover plenty of wild game to satisfy their sportsmanship: chukar, pheasant, quail, grouse, deer, duck and geese. Fishermen will find no shortage of fish in the area’s rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs. These waterways are also suitable for boating, water skiing and swimming. The Country View Golf course is a 9-hole golf course complete with the putting green, driving range and snack shop.

Area parks

Our five public parks are ideal for picnicking, walking, football, baseball and fishing. The Ontario State Recreation Site and boat launch area presents countless opportunities to enjoy the Snake River.

Tennis courts

There are 20 public and private courts within the city limits of Ontario.

Golf courses

Country View Golf Course
3780 Arabian Dr. | (541) 881-1171