Ontario Schools

Ontario is served by the Ontario School District, which has grown to include five grade schools, one middle school and one high school. Combined, these schools enroll approximately 2,800 students on an annual basis. The school district prides itself in the ability to support students as they reach their full potential and ultimately become productive members of society. Additionally, Ontario’s education sector is supplemented by two parochial schools, one charter school, two head start programs and several day care centers.

Treasure Valley Community College is pleased to call Ontario its home for higher education. The college currently instructs more than 12,000 full-time and part-time students annually. Treasure Valley Community College offers associate degrees and works in conjunction with several accredited four-year institutions, such as Eastern Oregon University, to grant both bachelor’s and master’s degrees locally. With its sight set on the future, Treasure Valley Community College provides both convenient and affordable access to higher education, allowing students to better mold their outlook on life.

Ontario Community Library

The Ontario Community Library is the city’s center of information and resources. The library’s collection features over 100,000 titles in a wide range of media including traditional books, large-print books, audio books and videos. Visitors will discover a selection of several newspapers and over 130 magazine subscriptions for their reading pleasure. In addition, the library sponsors a bookmobile that visits retirement facilities, day care centers and the Ontario Head Start Center once a month.

388 SW 2nd Ave. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-6371

Ontario also has a Little Free Library: a book exchange program where residents can share their favorite literature. The Little Free Library takes the form of books housed in a box; anyone can stop by and exchange a book of their own for a book in the Little Free Library. Anyone can obtain books with ease, regardless of age or background. w

Ontario Schools

Ontario High School | “Tigers”
1115 W. Idaho Ave. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-5309

Ontario Middle School | “Tiger Cubs”
573 SW Second Ave. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-5377

Aiken Elementary School | “Alligators”
1297 W. Idaho Ave. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-5584

Alameda Elementary School | “Cougars”
1252 Alameda Dr. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-5497

Cairo Elementary School | “Bear Cubs”
531 Hwy. 20-26 | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-5745

May Roberts Elementary School | “Raccoons”
590 NW Eighth St. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-5379

Pioneer Elementary School | “Prairie Dogs”
4744 Pioneer Rd. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 262-3902

St. Peter Catholic School
98 SW 9th St. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-7363

Treasure Valley Christian School
386 N. Verde Dr. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-4662

Four Rivers Community School
2449 SW 4th Ave. | Ontario, OR 97914
(541) 889-3715