Renton is a Great Place to Live

Renton Area Profile


  • The total population of Renton is 102,176.
  • The median age is 36.

Educational Attainment

  • The majority of the population in Renton has a bachelor degree, and 44.52% have a college degree.
  • Colleges 4 in the community; Universities 4 in the community

Labor Force

  • Renton has a labor force of 57,307 people,  with an unemployment rate of 3.8%.
  • The work distribution of total employees in  Renton is: 36% Blue Collar and 63% White Collar
  • Renton has a total of 3,975 businesses. In 2017, the leading industries in Renton were Manufacturing, Retail, Health Care and Social Services, and Accommodation and Food Services.

Income and Spending

  • Households in Renton earn a median yearly income of 74,537.
  • 60.09% of the households earn more than the national average each year. Household expenditures average 63,780 per year. The majority of earnings get spent on Shelter, Transportation, Food and Beverages, Health Care, and Utilities.


  • There are 15% more households who own their homes than there are renters. 53.45% owners; 46.55% renters

Source: Comicon

Renton Comicon, dubbed RenCon, is a celebration for comic book geeks, technophiles, cosplayers and nerds of all ages. It is a place where you can buy your favorite comic book, find that collectible you have been looking for and purchase a T-shirt that proclaims your geekdom. It is a place to listen to the latest from leading science gurus, attend a wide range panels, listen to the making of your favorite podcast and hang out with celebrities.

RenCon is a place to come dressed as your favorite comic book hero. It’s a place to learn about the craft of cosplay, enter a contest and take a selfie with your favorite cosplayers. Mostly it is a place where anyone and everyone can come enjoy a weekend of family fun and let your inner child come out to play.

The RenCon team is a passionate group of volunteers who endeavored to create a place and event to expand and cultivate the nerd culture in southern King County year after year. The team consists of artists, theater buffs, web designers, photographers, podcasters, social media managers, CEOs, mothers and fathers.

In 2016, the Renton Chamber of Commerce planned a comic convention in only five months. A group of passionate players put together a first-year event that drew over 1,500 people and had 98 percent positive feedback from guests, vendors and attendees.

In 2017, organizers focused rebranding and remarketing, expanding the event audience digitally and in real life. Renton Comicons attendance doubled and the positive feedback remained high. Notable guests from Blue Origin, Microsoft, Wizards of the Coast and Marvel
hosted panels.

This year, an even bigger and better celebration of comic books, films, art, video games, cosplay and technology is planned for the event on Sept. 15 and 16. Attendance is projected 5,000, and RenCon will also include a return of the kick-off VIP party and the popular nerd-themed burlesque show. This year’s location will be at Hotel Interurban and Westfield “Southcenter” Mall in Tukwila, Find out more at

Renton History Museum

The Renton History Museum is the repository for the history of greater Renton. Jointly supported by the City of Renton and the Renton Historical Society, the museum’s mission is to preserve, document, interpret and educate about the history of greater Renton in ways that are accessible to diverse people of all ages by providing exciting exhibits and programs throughout the year.

A collection of over 17,000 photographs spans all periods of Renton’s past. Over 10,000 objects and archives also document Renton’s history, including early books and newspapers, records from local businesses, ephemera and photos relating to school life and collections of coal mining and fire-fighting artifacts. In addition, a small research library open to the public weekdays by appointment. Museum staff and volunteers are available to assist researchers with historical and genealogical questions.

The museum is housed in an Art Deco-style former fire station at Mill Avenue South and Houser Way. Constructed in 1942, it is the last existing structure in the area built under the Works Progress Administration. For more information, call (425) 255-2330 or email

Renton Technical College

Renton Technical College offers training, re-training and career paths for those who seek marketable job skills or to upgrade current skill sets. Specialized programs allow students, with or without high school credentials, to enter at numerous times, progress in accordance with individual aptitudes and complete low-cost training to make job entry and success possible.

The college is able to monitor and respond to the needs of the local workforce through the guidance of program advisory committees composed of both management and labor. Almost 400 volunteers serve on 40 of these committees to recommend instructors, evaluate education materials and equipment, assist in placement, evaluate programs and specify training needs.

Training at Renton Technical College is relevant in today’s real-world job market. The worker of tomorrow is trained by the journey-level instructor of today. Trainees are ensured that only those skills and concepts essential for seeking, gaining and holding a job are taught. Mathematical, scientific, communication and human relation skills are integrated into practical instruction.

Renton Technical College’s goal is to provide job training in the shortest period of time at the lowest cost is an important concept for both the student and the Washington taxpayer. Training at the college consists of three programs: full-time, initial job training; part-time, re-training or upgrading existing skills; and apprenticeship-related instruction.

For students who need a refresher course, the college provides instruction in the basic skills of reading, writing and math, assistance studying for a high school diploma or equivalency certificate and developing better comprehension of English. The Renton Technical College campus is located on 30 acres just north of NE 3rd Street. Twelve permanent structures and four portable buildings house the majority of the training facilities.

Renton Technical College also operates numerous satellite locations throughout King County, and is one of 34 colleges in the State of Washington operated by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. The Renton Technical College service area encompasses the Renton, Kent, Auburn, Tahoma and Enumclaw School Districts and the central and south port.