Chairman’s Message

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As chairman of the board of directors, it is my distinct pleasure to thank you for choosing Renton for your business home or personal home, and the entire community welcomes you. I hope in this directory you will find the information you need. Additionally, if you are a business, I strongly encourage you to join the Renton Chamber.

During my 20+ years of living in the city of Renton, I’ve often said that it truly is the center of the “Greater Seattle Metropolitan universe.” The geographical convenience of its location in the region cannot be surpassed by any other city in the region. That may be one of the reasons that the city has seen steady growth and progress over the years and continues to have a thriving business climate. Not only are we proud to be the home of Boeing, the Seattle Seahawks, Kaiser Permanente, PACCAR and IKEA, but we can also boast about our nationally recognized public-school system, and world-class health care services. These businesses, education system, and health care resources help to provide an exemplary quality of life for all those who have made their homes in Renton.

Our population of 102,700+ residents represents extensive diversity, and continues to enjoy great neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and fun recreation facilities. These elements are critical components of our vision for the city.

Growth and development are synonymous with Renton, and never more has that been seen than in the last year few years. Along the shores of Lake Washington, Renton is home to the new, luxurious Hyatt Regency hotel and conference center. The Downtown Civic Core project is underway, which will incorporate both new retail space and affordable housing and community spaces. In the Highlands area, a huge redevelopment effort continues, offering a low-income housing project with new retail space. In health care news, Kaiser Permanente acquired Group Health Cooperative, making Renton the center for health care in the Pacific Northwest. If all that were not enough, a major 750,000 Class A office campus is scheduled to open later this year.

As board chair, I am committed to maintaining our thriving business community. We continue to foster a strong relationship with our education sector, and we look for every opportunity to bring value in several different forms to the businesses that choose to center their operations in the city of Renton. We’re dedicated to strong economic growth to further fuel the success of Renton businesses. In the next few years, we will also see the city invest heavily in infrastructure and improvements, worth half a billion dollars, that will bring thousands of jobs to Renton.

Again, we consider ourselves fortunate to have you as a part of the Renton Community. Please look for opportunities to get involved with the Chamber as a member, so you may enjoy all the value that membership truly brings. To learn about the city’s amenities and services, please visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and NextDoor.