Shopping & Dining

Retail & Dining

Anson County offers the variety of shopping and dining options typical for a rural area. The majority of retail establishments are located on the US Highway 74 “Strip” between Polkton and Lilesville, and in the historic Uptown Wadesboro central business district.

Dining choices include multiple fast food outlets, sit-down “home cooking” restaurants and fine dining establishments. Although a variety of different types of food are represented, like most of North Carolina the area is especially well-known for its barbecue and “fish camp” dishes.

The largest retail store in the county is Walmart, located on the US 74 Strip between Wadesboro and Polkton. TSC, Goodies, Family Dollar, CVS and Dollar General are also located on the Strip along with several smaller specialty stores. In Uptown Wadesboro, a locally-owned hardware store, pharmacy, gift shop and florist serve the historic business district.

In addition to Walmart, a Food Lion and IGA provide diverse grocery choices from popular national brands to regional favorites like livermush, Cheerwine and collard greens.