A Great Place to Live

Uncommon Character, Uncommon

Whether homebuyer or renter, everyone knows that finding the right place to live can be a hassle. However, when it comes to settling down, St. Joseph boasts the right address. St. Joseph is Made with Uncommon Character – from its historic architecture and unique 26-mile Parkway system to the spirited character of
our residents. St. Joseph is a place you want to be, and with its range of residential housing, from college students to seniors and all family sizes in between, there is a piece of real estate to suit anyone’s needs and wants.

St. Joseph is built on great ideas, successful innovations and bold vision. Living here means discovering someone or something uncommon every day … and realizing that no matter where you’re from, you’re home. (And, we’re glad you are here!)

Our thriving community is a refreshing to those from larger cities, as it just takes 15 minutes to get from one side of St. Joseph to the other. In between, you’ll find an accomplished arts community, modern and historic homes, a reawakening downtown and globally ranked leaders in science, technology and advanced manufacturing. National award-winning health care, options for active seniors, educational options for all and numerous community-minded and faith-based organizations all add up to this: a great life surrounded by
people and places made of the best of character, right here in St. Joseph.

In peaceful settings, buyers will find exquisite and traditionally-styled homes with hand-laid brick, where residents enjoy outdoor beauty along their daily jogs or taking a friendly stroll with their dogs. For those seeking to build, property and homesites are plentiful.

Downtown living is perfect for young professionals or empty-nesters looking for the convenience of nearby amenities coupled with the excellent accessibility to arts and entertainment that downtown living provides.
Rental options are also abundant as apartment complexes, duplexes and condominiums are sprinkled throughout the city.

The median list price for a single-family home was $137,000 in November 2020, according to
Neighborhood Scout. Likewise, the cost of living in St. Joseph is rewardingly low.

The cost of living in St. Joseph is 23 percent less expensive than the national average and 9 percent below the state average, according to bestplaces.net.

Buying a home is one of life’s most exciting events, but amid the joy, it can also be stressful. Fortunately help is close at hand. Homebuyers and new residents can learn everything they need to know about moving to St. Joseph by requesting the Chamber’s new resident packet, which includes information about government officials, licenses, fees, utilities and more.