Umatilla Oregon

City of Umatilla is located five miles to the north of Hermiston, at the confluence of the Columbia and Umatilla Rivers that provide outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities for the region, including world class fishing, kayaking and river trails. The Army Corps of Engineers McNary Dam has a large complex of trails, Salmon Center and viewing room.

Umatilla has a rich history and culture, dating back to native American settlements, a relocated townsite upon the construction of McNary Dam and more recently a growing diverse population. Umatilla’s residents are the greatest asset – the town is filled with friendly and welcome folks in every neighborhood and at city hall.

In recent years, Umatilla has seen a significant increase in new residential developments, primarily single family homes. There are 40-50 new homes projected to be built within the next two years. In addition to good housing ownership opportunities, two new, large data centers are expanding employment opportunities for good, family wage jobs at a variety of skill levels. Job growth is expected to grow steadily for the next six years.

In 2017 city recruited a group of Portland State University graduate students to develop a vision and framework plan to revitalize downtown. The Plan won the hearts of the diverse population and also won a state and national award. The City of Umatilla has been implementing many of the recommendations so over time the downtown and riverfront areas are being revitalized. That urban transformation sets the stage for many business opportunities for residents and newcomers alike.